Pencil Pusher demo

by Jerj Geno

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released September 25, 2015



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Jerj Geno Torrance, California

Jerj Geno

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Track Name: Pencil Pusher
Let's not open up the second bottle,
I have to get to work tomorrow,
It really is important to me,
Why do you think I even got a degree?
I'll drop you off where I found you: in a discussion on Sartre,
And it you cut off your bangs you'll see I had a reasonable view on things,
I don't want you to be angry with me because I agree that the consequences are real,
The wrong game for a smart girl,
Have you ever been employable?
Well I can't help you with that,
And you keep reading your books and focusing on your alternative looks,
But they can't help you get a job.
Track Name: LSD
I've been trying to break you for awhile now,
I've been trying to help you blow your mind but you don't want to try,
You, you never think of me,
You're on the LSD: the property of me,
I don't want to cry,
The only broken one is me.
Track Name: Light Of Day
I won't wish you any harm if you put it behind you,
I can't take you by the arm--I forgot to remind you,
We're all the same way: we are talking about landing,
The light of day isn't ordinary,
But I do believe.
Track Name: Moving On
A long time ago,
A lost and lonely heart,
I bought it in the liquor store,
And now I'll show you what it's for,
I've been moving on from you,
There's a feeling in my bones,
That tells me I'm alone: a hideaway, a stowaway, a stranger in his home,
There's a vision in my head,
Of you standing by the bed,
The veil was lifted, as we predicted: we'd stick to what you said,
I don't need you anymore,
I don't want you anymore,
I don't care about your dog.
Track Name: Cafe Romance
We can go to the gym, we can get a new driver's license and play in the rain,
We can go to the Cafe Romance, but if you're still sleeping then we'll have to refrain,
I don't know the meaning of it all,
But I can tell you that we're all working hard:
We're putting up our guard and making other people feel bad,
It doesn't help when you're drinking on the job, staying up late, watching movies with your dog,
The barometer tells me it's time to retire,
The half-finished cigarettes are keeping the fire,
We're making people feel very very sad,
(Thank you for the recent order, now go out and make your own),
Maybe it's true that it's not fair, but you'll find out that no-one cares that you're the only one who's changed,
But you'll be overwhelmed with laughter underneath the shame.
Track Name: Love Letters
Love letters are the only thing worth reading,
The only stories worth repeating are the ones of pain,
Who's to blame for suffering?
Who's to say much of anything?